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15 Months Old!

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My baby is 15 months old today…! 

I literally cannot imagine my life before her arrival; yet it feels like no time at all has passed since the first time I held her in my arms right after she was born. 

For me, 15 months is significant because E is almost exactly 15 months younger than two of her (second) cousins, and when she was first born and they came to meet her, I remember thinking how “big” they were.  Now she’s the big one. 

E is incredibly verbal.  Some of her favorite words start with the letter B.  She can (and often does) say: Ball, Baby, Boo (as in “peek a boo”), ba ba (as in bottle), bye bye, ball, beeps (as in blueberries) and bup (as in “up”).  She says, mama, dada, bamba (as in grandpa), muh (more), done, dum (as in either done or dog, depending on the situation), treat, du-thie (as in Lucy, our dog), side (outside), and various other words that she repeats after hearing us say them.  Her ability to communicate with us is amazing; even more incredible is how much she understands.  She is able to follow directions and loves being praised when she does something right. She is running and climbing and dancing and spinning round and round.  Her joy is palpable and she makes my heart full every day.

Happy 15 months, my girl.  I love you.

(Edited to add her “stats” from her pediatrician appointment:  She is 21lbs, 90z, which is in the 25th percentile, and she is 31.25 inches tall, which is the 75th percentile.  Yes, I’m totally jealous of my tall and skinny girl!)

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