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Dunkin’ Dark Roast

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I am not a coffee drinker by nature. I never craved it in the morning and did just fine throughout high school, college and law school on only the occasional cup of Joe. Things changed when Eliza arrived. The sleepless nights were harder on me than any late night study session, and the stress of caring for a newborn was more taxing than preparing for the bar exam.

New mom glow? Nope. I felt like shit. All the time.

But then I started drinking coffee. The fog lifted, the birds chirped and the baby’s crying stopped annoying me. Well, not really. But life became tolerable again. After a medium iced dark roast with milk and Splenda.

For some reason I feel ashamed that I am so reliant on my morning java. I was oddly proud to have been a member of the no coffee club for so many years. It feels weak to be so in need of caffeine and I know it’s not the healthiest beverage. So that’s why, when asked if I drink coffee, I feel the need to explain my status vis a vis coffee.

Not a coffee drinker by nature. Just a temporary member of the coffee club.

(They sell 18 year memberships, don’t they?)

(Originally posted February 20, 2011 at 7:25 a.m.)

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