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Eliza is talking a lot these days. She is so proud of her newfound ability to express herself and we are loving the fact that she is able to communicate to us what she wants using her words. More words = fewer temper tantrums. I hope.

One of her new favorite words is outside, which she pronounces “-‘side.” She constantly wants to be ‘side, and the giant floor to ceiling slider door that sits smackly in the middle of the living room provides her with a constant view of the backyard. As soon as she comes downstairs in the morning she toddles over to the slider, presses her fingers and nose against it, and stares longingly at the grass and the outdoor toys.

“‘Side! ‘side! ‘side!”

We try to explain that she can’t go outside yet, that she hasn’t had her milk or her breakfast and that we haven’t had our coffee. We try to tell her that the grass is still wet from the morning dew, and the sun has barely risen up in the air, and that we need to get her dressed so we can start our day.

“Side! ‘side! ‘side!” She points to the backyard, in case we forgot it was there.

So, in spite of our busy days ahead, we relent. We put her shoes on over her pajamas with feet, and we take her outside. We walk onto the deck, down the steps, over the patio and onto the grass. She smiles, takes a few steps in no particular direction, and claps.

Then she points urgently towards the house.

“In. In! Innnnn!”

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