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I caved.

I bought myself an iPad today. I’ve been drooling over the thing ever since it debuted a few years ago and today I marched myself into Best Buy, and with Eliza strapped into her stroller and munching on goldfish, I finally made my purchase. I feel mildly guilty for spending so much money on myself when Eliza needs a new fall wardrobe and we recently bought an expensive camera and I’m working only part time. But, honestly, the guilt over the money is somewhat overshadowed by my feelings of glee.

I. Love. It.

Ever since I became a mom I have relied on social media and the Internet on a daily basis. Living with and caring for a baby is very isolating; spending extended time with a toddler is very frustrating. Being able to connect with others online without leaving the house is simply sanity-saving.

Too bad sanity-saving isn’t tax deductible.

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