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A little known fact about me? I am a Stern fan.

Yes, I enjoy hearing Howard ‘s perspective on politics and Hollywood scandals. I like the Wack Pack and Howard 100 news. I love when George Takei sits in and when Howard yells at Gary.

I don’t listen to Stern all of the time. I have plenty of “Music Together” CDs in my car that Eliza and I usually jam to when we are on the road. But, when she’s asleep, or maybe sometimes when she’s zoning out, on comes Stern. Honestly, I never thought she was actually paying attention to what was playing on the radio.

But recently, I have been noticing that she does pay attention. She soaks up everything I say and repeats it back. The other day as I was trying to leave the house carrying my keys, the diaper bag, a sippy cup, an Elmo doll and with Eliza trailing THISCLOSE behind me, I tripped over a stray toy and dropped everything.

“oh crap!” I shouted loudly.

“Oh Caapppp!” Eliza shouted even more loudly.

The next day she picked up on the fact that I call my husband “honey”. I was calling downstairs to ask him to bring something up with him from our second freezer and she mimicked me.

Me: “Honey…Hon? Honey?”

Eliza: “Uh-nee! Uh-nee! Uh-needed!!!”

Yup, that’s right. I’ve officially joined the club of parents who have to watch their language. I’m so fucked.

Time to trade in Bababooey for Baby Beluga.

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