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Cheers! She’s 21 (months)!

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My giri is one and three quarters. I can’t believe it. Pretty soon, I’ll be speaking of her age in terms of years, not months. For now? She’s my little 21 month old monster, and I am loving every minute I spend with her.

She’s talking. So Much. She is basically conversational. She mimics everything I say. Not only has this made me realize how many little curse words I say needlessly throughout the day but it also makes me realize how many little phrases I have that I say without even realizing that I’m talking. Things like: “Hmmm” “Okay!” “Let’s see” “Alright!” “Ready”. Each of which my little parrot says right back to me.

Don’t get me wrong. Eliza has a ton of her own original thoughts and ideas. She is a free spirit, full of life and energy and spunk. (Which, ironically, was exactly the type of person I pictured when Evan and I talked about naming our daughter “Eliza”).

She loves to feed the dog. We used to keep the dog food container in a low cabinet in the kitchen but we had to move it after she figured out how to open the cabinet and take the dog food out and scoop it into Lucy’s bowl. Multiple times a day. Good for the dog’s relationship with Eliza; not so great for the dog’s waistline. Now Eliza will say: “Feed Duthie, Feed Duthie” over and over again until it’s time to feed Lucy. Then she will go get Lucy’s bowl, carefully scoop out the kibble and shake on the special dental cheese stuff we put on to make the kibble taste better, and then slowly walk to the corner where we keep Lucy’s bowls, clutching the food bowl tightly in her two little chubby hands with a giant grin on her face. She’ll set the bowl down, usually a little too hard, and then say triumphantly: “I did it!!”

Yes, honey, you did it. There’s so many things you can do. You can climb on the kitchen table and all of the furniture. You love to jump over and over and over again, and go down the slide in the backyard. She loves to take care of her baby dolls, and pretends that they pooped and she needs to change their diapers. She loves anything Elmo, and Zoe and Abby and Ernie and she also loves Winnie the Pooh. She loves to count, and she can count to 15 if she’s in the mood. She loves to sing the alphabet song, and itsy bitsy spider, and she loves when her mama and dada sing to her when she’s falling asleep. She loves playdough and chalk and pushing around her baby stroller. She loves yogurt and likes fruit and broccoli and peas and chicken nuggets and grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese. Unfortunately, she still loves her pacifiers, which she calls her “Deetz”. We’ll work on that when she’s 2…maybe.

But for now? She’s my beautiful, energetic, smart, sassy one year old.

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