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Eliza at 28 months

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The theme of the past 6 months has been talking. Eliza has gone from a few words at 18 months to a few simple sentences at 22 months to being completely conversational at 25 months to non-stop chatting at 28 months. It’s been quite the ride.

She’s not perfect. She still mixes up some pronouns, and famously uses “My” instead of “me” or “I”.

(“My Love You”, “My do that too?”, “My coming!”)

She still calls Lucy “Duthie” and calls Arielle “Awa”.

But she is one of the smartest 2 year olds I know. She is so aware of what is going on, it’s unbelievable. She is constantly asking questions: “Happened, mama?” “Why, mama?” “Where going, mama?” She repeats phrases she’s heard and uses fairly big words correctly.

The other day, she was placing some of her toy Dora figures into a pink purse she has, and when I asked her what she was doing, she told me that she was putting her toys into the purse “for safekeeping.” Um, excuse me?

She loves to play on her swingset, and can swing on the “big girl” swing and hang on the monkey bars. She is a little nervous to go down the big slide but will do it with some coaxing. She can climb up the ladder with ease an loves to look through the periscope and hang on the handle above the slide.

She loves her water table and her kiddie pool. She loves to help her dad scoop the dog poop and throw it over the fence.

She plays with her “toy house” constantly, and especially loves to play with her Dora themed toy house with all of her Dora figurines. (Her favorites are Tico, Isa and Benny – who she calls “Senny the Bull”).

She has been incredibly sweet in helping set up her baby sister’s room and even has offered to share a few of her stuffed animals with the baby – although she has had second thoughts.

She still uses her pacifier – which she calls a Deetz – and she still sleeps in a crib – but she keeps telling us she wants a big girl bed.

She loves milk and cheese and orange ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. She loves mac and cheese and sometimes hot dogs and will occasionally eat broccoli.

She loves to laugh and jump and hop and hang. She gives kisses right on the lips. She is the light of our lives.

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