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Eliza does not like to poop.  

She’s very outgoing, talkative, smart, athletic and incredibly generous with hugs and kisses.   She can count to 15 in English and eight in spanish and can sing the alphabet.  She can show you how old she is using her thumb and forefinger and requests snapple iced tea in her sippy cup when she is thirsty.  She is a huge fan of Dora and occasionally Elmo, and loves to play outside on her swingset. 

But, the girl does not like to poop.

She will hold her legs together tightly, squirm, grunt and dance around.  Her entire effort is spent holding the poop in, rather than letting it out, and she can hold it in for days, much to her parents’ chagrin. 

We give her Miralax daily, hidden in her milk, but it doesn’t seem to help.  

While she’s never been the best pooper (once, when she was a few months old, she didn’t poop for almost a week), we think her recent reluctance to poop stemmed from an “incident” that happened when we were on vacation in Florida.  We had just returned from the hotel pool and were getting her bath ready and she was running around the hotel suite wearing her swim diaper.  All of a sudden, she starting pushing, and out came a poop…right onto the hotel room floor.  Even though she was only 25 months old at the time, she was mortified.  Started crying and wailing. “My pooped on the floor!!”   It took at least an hour to calm her down. 

When we returned home, she started holding her poop.  “My not poop on the floor!,” she triumphantly would state each time she managed to supress her urge to poop.   For months, she pooped only during her sleep. 

It was a tough phase.

Recently, at 28 months, she stopped pooping during her sleep.  She didn’t poop when she was awake.  For a few weeks in a row she held in her poop for 4-5 days.  Her belly hurt, she whined and cried and was generally uncomfortable.  But she still wouldn’t poop. 

Until one night – June 9, 2012 – she was whining and crying and uncomfortable and suddenly announced that she wanted to try going poop on the potty. We have two potty seats – a princess one and a Dora one – and we gave her the choice.  After a little bit of deep thought, she chose to poop on the Dora potty seat upstairs.   I read her a book – Count the Animals, 1, 2, 3 – and she sat on the toilet and tried to push.  I tried to concentrate on reading the book to her but all the while, I was listening for that telltale noise.

Then, there it was. Plop. Plop. PLOP.

Both of us heard the noise; we peeked into the toilet and a giant poop was floating around.  I have never been so proud of my little girl.  She smiled, and laughed and wiped her right bum cheek with a piece of toilet paper.  We washed her hands, told Dada and called Gammy and Papa.  She ate a piece of chocolate and put a sticker on the potty.

Later that night, when I was putting her to bed, I told her again how proud of her I was. 

“My proud of me too, mama” 

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