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A letter to me

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Dear Becky,

This letter should be read this fall anytime doubts crop up about going back to work.

You like working. Yes, H can be a pain, and sometimes the work is tedious. But, overall it’s an ideal set up. It’s only two days a week, and mentally it’s an essential break from being a mommy. It’s nice to shower and dress and straighten your hair and get out of the house. It’s not a high fashion place, so no pressure. Black pants and a top are the standard uniform and PB sandwiches are the standard lunch.

Pumping? Will suck, no doubt. But the office door has a lock and H will get used to it. You pumped in your car before, not the best option, but it can be done. And if your breasts allow it, giving the baby formula is a fine option on work days so pumping should be a way to relieve pressure and not a stressful quest to produce enough milk. Pumping is temporary. The baby will soon be eating solids and won’t need as much from you during the day. It’s gonna suck, but it’s temporary.

The baby will be fine with Mrs. K. It will be easier on both of you to drop her at 3 months rather than 6 months. She won’t know the difference.

I’m typing this at 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant in mid-July. Tomorrow is a work day and I’m off to figure out a maternity outfit that will keep me cool (ha!). Heading to work is a neutral event, no nervousness at all. And that’s the way it will be soon for you. Chapter 183A super lien cases and drafting condo amendments, statement of damages, and demad letters are pretty easy work. It will all come rushing back.

In a year or two, you may want to pursue a full time position to make more money. But in the meantime, this job is perfect situation.

Good luck!


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