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Its been awhile.

I’ve been sleep deprived, and preoccupied with life with a 2.5 year old and a newborn.

The past six months have flown by and, although I’ve thought about blogging a few times, I haven’t had the time or, more importantly, the energy, to actually do it.

But now I’m back. And I have a few things to share.

First, and most important of all, my second daughter was born. She’s every bit as perfect as Eliza and I am so grateful every day that I have the opportunity to mother another beautiful little baby.

Lily Alyssa was 7 lbs, 6 oz and came into the world very calm and cool, barely crying, and has been a happy baby ever since.

I love her. I love her smile and scratchy laugh. I love her two front bottom teeth (which came in together when she was about 5.5 months old). I love that she has already weaned herself from the pacifier. I love that she learned to sit up on her half birthday and that she learned to (very crudely) wave a few weeks later. I love how much she loves Eliza,and how much Eliza loves her back.

Mothering two children is very hard.

But there is so much joy it is well worth it. I am in awe of my beauties every day. They are both angels sent from heaven.

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