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Dirty kitchen floor

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Our kitchen floor has crumbs on it.  We track dirt in (because we don’t have a mudroom (SIGH) and because we are bad about removing our shoes.  We drop food and our dog is a terrible scrounger and doesn’t eat it.

Normally the dirty floor doesn’t bother me so much.   We have a woman who comes and cleans our house every few weeks and it only gets really bad in the days leading up to her coming.  We have a Dyson – which was totally worth the money, btw – and running it is not a big deal.  We get by.

But – now things are a little different.  Lily is CRAWLING!  She didn’t learn to crawl until she was about 9.5 months old – but then it was like a light bulb went off in her head.  The girl can move. She went from crawling backwards, to doing the “worm” with her tummy on the floor, to a full fledged, fast, pivot-filled, stair climbing crawler, seemingly in a matter of days.  Okay, maybe over the course of a few weeks.  

She crawls on the floor. The same floor that is covered with little bits of icky crumby mess.  

I’ve become obsessed with vacuuming. 

But Lily doesn’t care.  She crawls on my kitchen floor.  She crawls outside on grass, sand and dirt.  Today she crawled at Buy Buy Baby right into a display cabinet. She’s just happy to be exploring her world in a whole new way.  And its fascinating to watch.

She’s into all of Eliza’s toys.  Eliza isn’t a huge fan of that but she’s being pretty good about sharing. 

She figured out how to open the kitchen cabinet where we keep her food, and she likes to take out all of the pouches and play with them.  

SHe absolutely loves Lucy’s food and water bowl.  One day I came across Lucy eating her food, and, at the same time, Lily reaching into the food bowl, and pulling out bits of kibble and tossing them into the air. 

Recently she has figured out how to climb the stairs.  I was upstairs getting dressed and heard Lily babbling.  The babbles got closer and closer, and when I went to investigate, I realized she was halfway up the stairs, a huge grin on her face, WITH NOBODY BEHIND HER! We put up baby gates immediately.

On second thought, maybe a few crumbs on my floor aren’t my biggest problem afterall. 



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