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We joke that Eliza could star in her own reality show.

She says hilarious things all of the time. Some are genuinely funny. Other times we laugh because she is still working on mastering the intricacies of the English language.

Some examples:

(Upon seeing that Lily was crying and fussy) “What’s wrong with she?

“I’ve never done that in awhile”

“Have I be’ed there before?”

(After waiting for me to finish making Lily’s breakfast): “Mama, I’ve been waiting for you for so many weeks!!”

“I don’t like when Lily cries because her is our baby and we love her”

Those are just a few classics.

Then there are the phrases she coined that we all now use regularly.

“Vacation house”

“Salad crackers”

“Sleep things” (aka all of her stuffed animals)

At 3.5 she calls me “mama” and Evan either “Dada” or “Daddy”. She has a little problem with the letter “W” so Lily is Wiwy and Eliza is “Ewiza.” She completely butchers our last name.

She plays pretend games like doctor and baby with elaborate characters with ridiculous names. Figa, Keeka, Goo-ha and Candy are her current favorites.

She remembers things that happened with amazing accuracy. She’s incredibly perceptive, smart and interested in the world around her.

Reality show Eliza. No reruns. On every day from about 7:15 am to 8:30 pm. Warning – it’s addicting

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