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Lily is one!  

I can hardly believe it.  This year has flown by, and I fear that the years to come will go even faster.  

Lily, you are truly a ray of sunshine.  Everyone – and I mean everyone – tells me that you look just like me.  I think you look like my mom, which makes me smile.  You have huge brown eyes, straight brown hair, and a single dimple on your right cheek.  

You first smiled at about seven weeks old, and you have been smiling ever since.  (You started sleeping through the night at about 7.5 months old, and I have been smiling ever  since).  You learned to sit up on your own on your half birthday, and you learned to clap when you were 8 months old.  You learned to wave (backwards) when you were 9 months old.  Your top teeth were famous for awhile because your fangs came in a few months before your middle teeth, so you were known as vampire baby. At 11 months old you started playing peek-a-boo, which is adorable because you only cover part of your face with one hand, and then dramatically remove it to reveal a giant smile. 

You adore your big sister, and love to watch her play.  You love the dog, and have spent the better part of the past few weeks chasing after her and trying to pull up on her fur.  

You are a great eater.  You eat an entire pouch of baby food, plus a baby yogurt, plus finger food, at every meal.  You especially love any kind of cheese (just like mama!) and macaroni, and you also love to eat scrambled eggs.  You were exclusively breastfed until you were about 9 months old, and then you had formula bottles during the day, and you are still nursing first thing in the morning and before bed at night.  I plan to wean you at some point, but cuddling with you while you are nursing is one of my most favorite moments of the day, and I am not sure I’m ready to give up that special time with you just yet.

When you were 10 months old, you coined your famous “pig face” – you scrunch up your nose and breathe in and out very quickly.  You do pig face on command now.

When you were 11 months old, you started biting me.  All of the time.  When I pull away, and say “no biting!” you shake your head “noooo” with a giant smile.  It’s hard to be mad at that face.

You learned how to nod “yes” (a crude move involving your entire body”) shortly after your first birthday and can communicate your wants and desires very easily. You love to give kisses. You purse your little lips and say “Mmmm-MA” and it is adorable to watch. You love pictures of babies and point to any picture you see and say “Buh-Ba.” One of your first words was “papa,” referring to my dad. You made him smile wider than I’ve ever seen him smile before with just that one simple word. Other words you say are “Bup” (for “up”), “Ee-La-la” for Eliza, “Mama”, “dada” and “Ba” (ball). You are cruising everywhere and have stood on your own for up to 30 seconds but are not walking yet. Lily-bug. Always smiling. The best baby I could ever imagine.  I have loved having a cuddly baby, and I savored every month watching you grow and change and learn new things. 

The days are long but the years are short.  This was the shortest year.  Bring on toddlerhood. 


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