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Cape Cod 2013

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We spent last week on vacation in Sandwich on Cape Cod in our first true vacation as a family of four. We’ve been away a few other times since Lily was born, but never just with the four of us for more than a night or two.

Evan and I have been going to Sandwich together since we first started dating and we have lots of fond memories of our time there. We used to spend our days bike riding around the neighborhood, going to the beach and watching the sunset and drinking wine from the deck of the small house we rented. This year we rented a new house with a bit more space and a washing machine, and we changed our agenda to accommodate nap and meal schedules of the kids. But, honestly? It still felt like a relaxing vacation even with the kids (no small feat). Living near the beach in a small house was perfect. We didn’t bring many toys and there was very little clutter to clean. The house had a television but there was no Disney Channel or Nickelodean to watch, and we tried to avoid looking at our phones during the day. It was a little hard for Eliza to adjust to no television in the morning and at night and the house had a Dora Christmas DVD, which she watched over and over (and loved), leading me to have to explain one night why our family doesn’t celebrate Christmas (a little heavy of a topic for vacation, but I digress).

A few favorite trip memories:

One night we got a pizza and drove down to the Cape Cod canal and had a picnic. We watched the sunset and let the kids play on the playground nearby. During the picnic, Eliza and Lily both got the wiggles, and Eliza knocked over the double stroller and Lily sat on a piece of pizza and had a grease stain on her bum the rest of the night. Eliza spontaneously told us that watching the sunset was her favorite thing to do, which melted our hearts.

We went to a beach in Dennis called Chapin Beach during low tide. It was a fiftee to twenty minute walk from the car to the water, most of it across dunes and low tide sandbars. The sand was white and soft and the view was amazing. Evan and I felt like we were on a tropical island. The kids loved playing in the tidepools. Lily crawled all over the beach and right into the water over and over. Eliza was at first nervous around the tiny little fish in the tidepools but gained confidence once I explained to her that the fish moved out of the way once she started walking towards them. We played a game for about 10 minutes where we walked through the tidepool yelling “Watch out fish! Here come Eliza and Mama!” The fish moved aside for us every time. I noticed that for the rest of the day whenever Eliza walked through the tidepool on the way to/from the water back to our beach blanket, she would say “Watch out fish” Here comes Eliza!”

The master bedroom of the condo we rented had a window in the ceiling directly above our bed. We both like sleeping in a dark room and couldn’t fathom why they would have designed the house like that. The first night we were there, we were laying in bed and looked up…and we saw bright shiny stars twinkling at us from above. Amazing.

Until next year, Town Neck Beach, Sandwich…










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