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She walks. She talks.

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Lily took her first steps on August 26, about a week shy of her 13 month birthday.  Now, about a month later, she’s a professional.  She walks outside, inside and on top of furniture.  She can carry objects while walking and climb up ladders.  She’s a little dare devil and just wants to keep up with her big sister. 

She can sign “more” by tapping her fingers to her mouth, and she can nod “yes” or “no” – and does so frequently to communicate what she wants.  She can say “mama”, “eliza” (Ee-la,ya), ba-buh (which, depending on the context, can mean baby, or belly button), Papa, dog (“duh”), hi, and ball.  

She can point to her hair, her nose, her eyes and her toes. She can splash on command. 

She kisses every stuffed animal and real live child that comes near her.  Her kisses are adorable (“mmm-MA”). 

She gets pushed down a lot by her big sister, and rarely complains, although she gets mad when toys are taken away from her. 

She can get off a couch by herself and loves to climb up the slide.

13 months has been a fun time; looking forward to see how she develops next month. 

(And, at the same time, a little sad she’s not a baby any more….)




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