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A lot has been going on around here these days…

Eliza went to see her first movie, Frozen. I was worried that she wasn’t going to be able to sit through the whole thing. My worries were justified – 1) she’s a little afraid of the dark; 2) she’s kind of afraid of loud, sudden noises, 3) she didn’t know anything about the plot of the movie, and 4) she’s a three year old.

Boy was I wrong on all counts.

She loved the movie. She loved going to the movies. It helped that we were out of town visiting relatives and went with one of her cousins who had already seen the movie. It helped that we bought her a kid combo – popcorn, chewy fruit snacks and a lemonade. It helped that she sat in my lap and had a great viewpoint of the screen. It helped that the movie was fantastic and revolved around the powerful love between sisters , something that is dear to my heart.

When the movie was over, Eliza sighed, stretched and said “I love going to the movies!”


Me too, girly. I can’t wait until you are old enough to go see romantic comedies with me.

In other developments, it turns out that Lily really likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV. She’s only seen it a handful of times, but likes the character “Oh Toodles!” She walks around the house saying “toooo-dells”. It’s very cute.

Everyone thinks Lily is super funny. She is obsessed with shoes. She has very definite opinions about whether her shoes should be off or on. She is also obsessed with her bellybutton and walks around all day touching it with her finger. She likes to touch other people’s belly buttons too. She loves to try on Eliza’s shoes, or our shoes. She loves the dog and will follow her around trying to put on her collar. She loves to FaceTime family members and sometimes gets very hyper and starts performing tricks like touching her toes while lifting one foot in the air, or jumping.

She has tons of words and is talking more and more. She now says: “Dat” for “that”, “Dis” for “This”, “Yah!!!!” for “yes”, “Dau” for “Dog”, “Liza” or “Zaza” for “Eliza”, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Mah” for “more”, “Momo” for “Elmo” (and sometimes for Cookie Monster), “Baba” for “Belly Button”, “Aye” for “Hi” and others.

My favorite time with Lily is bedtime. I read her a few stories (and she has VERY definite opinions about which books she has read to her – smacking the book and saying “No! if it isn’t the one she wants. After books, I turn out the lights and face her towards me, rocking her and singing a few songs. During my songs, Lily puts her head down on my shoulders and relaxes. Every so often, she lifts up her head and gives me a gentle kiss right on the lips. It’s amazing.


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