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The girls are becoming sisters.

I mean, they’ve obviously always been sisters. They met when Eliza was two and a half years old and Lily was a few hours old.


They share the same parents and ride together in the back seat of the car. But, until recently, they weren’t old enough to enjoy spending time together.

Now, Lily is 17 months old; Eliza is a few weeks shy of turning 4. With every month, Lily is becoming more communicative and Eliza seems to understand most of what Lily is saying. They are starting to have a lot of common interests.

I noticed one commonality the other day. Both kids love to climb, jump, run, somersault and generally are pretty coordinated. We were playing in the basement playroom. In the middle of the room are two heavy support beams that stretch from floor to ceiling. Despite the flood of toys, the beams have the featured entertainment for the girls. Eliza can use her hands and bare feet and climb all the way to the top and touch the ceiling. Lily can actually get a few feet off the ground. (Terrifying!). They both love to hold on to the beam with one hand and spin around as fast as possible. They look like pole dancers.

Watching my two beautiful girls giggling together as they each practiced new tricks holding onto those poles, I was filled with a sense of happiness and pride. I know that they will always love each other because they are sisters. On this day, I started to feel excited for them that they will always have each other to spend time with.

Girls, I hope you always can find joy in the simple things, and challenge yourselves and your sister to be the best person you can be. And, I hope neither of you grow up to be pole dancers.


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